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Contact Dancer, Actress And Model Jojo Siwa

In this post you will find Jojo Siwa phone number,autograph, fan mail, email adress, social media and more..

Who is Jojo Siwa ?

Joelle Joni Siwa (born May 19, 2003), also known as Jojo Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, internet personality, and model. She is best known for appearing on the Lifetime reality series Dance Moms.The music video for her 2016 song, “Boomerang”, has been viewed more than 150 million times on YouTube on her Youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers. She began dancing before she was even 5 years old and learned to love hip hop dance over any other style. She does enjoy Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical as well. JoJo is known as JoJo with the Bow Bow. Her trademark bow became so popular that Claire’s now has a JoJo bow line in their stores.

 Jojo Siwa Contact Information?

Fans of JoJo Siwa called siwanators would love to talk to their inspiration, so that’s why we decided to help. We put up all her contact information in one place so you can enjoy it. Jojo Siwa phone number seems to be trending right now.

Best ways to contact Jojo Siwa

If you want to contact Jojo Siwa  to tell her how much you enjoy her work or ask a question, you’re not alone!


Jojo Siwa Official Website : www.ItsJojoSiwa.com



Jojo Siwa  Facebook : Jojo Siwa

Follow her on Facebook. While you cannot be friends with Jojo Siwa on a personal Facebook page, you can “Like” his artist page on Facebook. She currently has about 560k likes on the page. After doing so, you can write on his Facebook timeline and comment on her posts.
Consider how public you want your message to be before you send it. If you are writing a personal story about how Jojo inspired you and you don’t feel comfortable sharing it with other people, maybe you should contact her in a different way. Remember to keep profanity and other objectionable content out of your message. Facebook may delete offensive messages.


Jojo Siwa Instagram : @itsjojosiwa

You can like and comment on her pictures she’s posted there as long as you have an Instagram account of your own.  Tap on any photo on Jojo Siwa ’s Instagram page. At the bottom of the photo you’ll see a comment field. There probably will be a number of other people who have already commented on the photo. This is not the most direct way to contact Jojo, but it is a good way to interact with her as a fan. Type your message into the comment field, then select the option to post your message. Your comment will now be posted and attached to her instagram photo. Jojo’s following on instagram is huge for her age, over 8.5 million people. That’s something, we would say!


Jojo Siwa House address, Email and Mailing Address

JoJo Siwa Address :  Omaha, Nebraska.
Jojo Siwa Email Address : itsjojosiwa@gmail.com
This email has not been verified. Use at own risk!
Jojo Siwa fan mail : 1710 NORTH 144 STREET OMAHA NE 68154


Jojo Siwa Twitter : @itsjojosiwa

Tweet at Jojo Siwa . Click on “Tweet to Jojo Siwa ” located to the left of Jojo’s Twitter timeline. This allows you to write any message you want that will show up directly on her Twitter page. Keep in mind that many people will be messaging her and that everyone will be able to see your message.You cannot send a Direct (private) Message to Jojo Siwa . That function is reserved for people who follow you. Jojo Siwa has not chosen to receive Direct Messages from other people on Twitter. She currently has over 435k  followers on Twitter. You should be one of them.


Jojo Siwa : Youtube Channel

JoJo has a very successful YouTube channel called It’s JoJo Siwa. Comment on Jojo’s YouTube page. You can leave a comment for Jojo via YouTube by going to any of the videos posted to her page and leaving a comment with your YouTube or Google username. Leave a comment on one of Jojo’s videos with a question or whatever it is you wish to say to her. She started her YouTube channel on 1st February 2015 where she posted her musicals for her fans. She has gained about 3.6 million subscribers. “Know It All Paul-La” is a character that JoJo created and she often makes videos as Paul-La.


Jojo Siwa Snapchat : dancerjojosiwa

Jojo Siwa Tik Tok – @jojosiwa

Jojo Siwa is also on TikTok where she posts some amazing short videos. She’s at 18m fans and 585m hearts. That’s awesome!

Jojo Siwa Autograph

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phone number

Jojo Siwa  Phone Number

jojo siwa phone number

Jojo Siwa 10 Fun Facts

1. When JoJo was younger she liked to play softball. She was actually pretty good. Unfortunately, at some point JoJo became afraid of the ball.    
2. JoJo’s favorite subject is Math.
3. JoJo’s favorite television show is Hannah Montana
4. JoJo likes to play the piano in her free time.
5. JoJo’s favorite place to go is Disneyland
6. JoJo was born in Omaha, Nebraska and as much as she loves LA, she has a special place in her heart for Nebraska
7. JoJo has one brother. His birthday is May 20 and JoJo’s birthday is May 19.  They are exactly 2 years and 364 days apart.
8. JoJo zodiac sign is Taurus and Birthstone is Emerald
9. The furthest place JoJo has travelled is Australia. She loved the kangaroos and koalas and would love to visit again.
10. JoJo loves arts and crafts. She loves working with rhinestones, duct tape and ribbon.

Last Tips

Be friendly; Jojo Siwa , like you, is a human and deserves respect.
Do not be a stalker!
We will be back with more information about Jojo Siwa  soon. Make sure you check the page again in the near future.

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